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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

Most women spend most of their fertile time trying to NOT get pregnant but for those who want babies in the future, thoughts can wander to “what if my history of contraception impacts my fertility?”

And it’s a common question. Contraception forms an integral part of a women’s life and is a very individual journey. What suits one woman may not suit another, even what suits you right now may not suit you at a different phase of your life. It is worth thinking about your options and putting a contraception plan in place.

This podcast covers:

  • The different types of contraception – barrier methods, hormonal contraception and Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs), fertility awareness method, tubal ligation and vasectomy.
  • When to stop your contraception and when to start trying for a baby
  • What contraception types can delay your return to fertility
  • How to make sure you are on the safest contraception for you
  • A comparison of contraceptive effectiveness
  • What contraception to consider after your baby is born

If you have just started listening to The Kick and are thinking about getting pregnant, there's loads of information in episode 2 “How to become an ovulation ninja”.

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