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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Dec 5, 2021

This episode has a trigger warning for parents who have experienced loss. 

Planning your pregnancy after the loss of a baby can be a very difficult and anxious time. There are thousands of worries running through your mind and you will want to check on the health of your baby constantly. But it’s important to remember there is also life, hope and joy after loss. Our next guest will bravely share her own story to help other parents open up and support each other to heal. 

In this episode, Brigid is talking with the inspiring and remarkable Priyanka Saha. Priyanka has founded the Lily Calvert foundation and set up the storytelling platform ‘The Murmuring of Ten Million’. She is also a lawyer, runs a cyber security company, and is on the board of a regional Victorian health service. 

Priyanka’s first-born daughter, Lily, died when she was just 10 months old from an incurable brain condition known as Miller Dieker Syndrome. She found out she was pregnant again only one week after the funeral for Lily. This was such a terrifying and challenging time for her and her partner trying to handle all of the anxiety and dread that there would be something wrong. 

Priyanka defines a ‘rainbow baby’ as sunlight shining through water to create a rainbow. This means allowing the happiness and the sadness to sit alongside one another - feeling happy does not cancel out your grief. Once you understand this, you will begin to find peace. 

Priyanka courageously shares her experience of parenting a child who is dying and speaks candidly about the realities of trying to conceive and go through pregnancy after loss. By sharing her story she is hoping to help others to navigate the highs and the lows, grief and joy, and the anxieties that exist during pregnancy and parenting your rainbow baby.


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