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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Pregnancy in diabetes, or gestational diabetes, is really common. Up to about 12-14 percent of all pregnancies.

There are certain women that are more at risk of developing gestational diabetes but in fact, everybody is at risk. This can be hard because you might think – I am young, healthy and without symptoms so what am I doing with diabetes?

And it is an issue in pregnancy that needs to be addressed. Most people know that in a diabetic pregnancy the baby can get very big which can complicate the birth. Once born, the big baby can also be unwell. Less people know that the placenta can be affected and result in the baby being growth restricted.

Why did we start this podcast? Well we think there is a barrier for women to get EXPERT pregnancy info that is practical, relatable and easy to understand.

Dr Pat has helped 1000s of women have their babies and through this we know that this kind of information given to a woman at the right time can totally change her experience of pregnancy and birth.

We invite you to be our part of our family over on Instagram @grow_my_baby or do our free pregnancy quiz at

In this podcast we talk about:

  • When and how you are tested for gestational diabetes
  • Blood sugar limits for testing for diabetes
  • How testing positive for diabetes isn’t a failure!
  • The risk factors that increase your chances of gestational diabetes
  • Treatment options to help bring your blood sugar level down
  • The importance of a good diabetes educator
  • How diabetes may change over the course of your pregnancy
  • Why getting induced is common if you have gestational diabetes
  • What happens after you have your baby

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