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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Clotting in pregnancy and during the postpartum period can be a significant concern for a new Mum. To treat clots, doctors will try to adopt a preventative approach and prescribe anticoagulants during pregnancy and the postpartum phase to reduce the risk in at risk patients. 

But who is an at risk patient? 

Will the baby be affected? 

In this episode, we are discussing everything you need to know about clotting. Pregnancy increases your risk of clotting by 5 to 10x and the postpartum period increases your risk 15 to 35x! 

We’ll talk about the different factors that increase your risk and the type of preventative measures that doctors will prescribe. We’ll go through exactly what you can expect when taking anti-coagulants during your pregnancy and after you’ve given birth. To ensure you have the full picture, we’ll discuss the signs and symptoms of a clot and explore how your hospital will diagnose it. 

The potential of developing a clot can understandably cause anxiety in new Mums so we wanted to inform you all about how this is prevented, diagnosed and treated to assuage your concerns. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic, we’d love to hear from you.