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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

This ep is a bit of a pandora’s box. What can you say no to during pregnancy and birth? Well, you can literally say NO to everything.

Ethically a health care provider can’t force a woman to accept any sort of treatment, even if they strongly believe their treatment plan is in the best interests of the mother and/or her baby.

You have choice in your pregnancy and birth, your consent needs to be given and you are your own best advocate. The trick is knowing from an informed position what is worth advocating for.

Why did we start this podcast? Well we think there is a barrier for women to get EXPERT pregnancy info that is practical, relatable and easy to understand.

Dr Pat has helped 1000s of women have their babies and through this we know that this kind of information given to a woman at the right time can totally change her experience of pregnancy and birth.

We invite you to be our part of our crew over on Instagram @grow_my_baby or do our free pregnancy quiz at

This episode talks about:

  • How to feel empowered about decision making during pregnancy and birth
  • How to advocate for yourself
  • The key to informed decision making
  • Different ways of communicating with your healthcare provider
  • How trust is crucial for good outcomes

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