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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

This is one of those tests that can feel a bit icky and remind you that yep, the process of growing a baby is at times, undignified.

Some women choose not to have the GBS test and that is totally their right. Some women have the test and wonder later “what was that for?”

This ep is 20 mins of power to help you be the full bottle on GBS testing so you can make some red hot decisions about your health care.

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Firstly, what is GBS?

GBS stands for Group B streptococcus and it is a bacteria that is normal to have in the vagina. About 20 percent of women will have GBS most of the time and it’s completely harmless, until it’s not.

This podcast talks about

  • What happens when GBS infection happens in labour
  • The stats on whether to treat or not treat if you have GBS
  • What treatment is available for GBS
  • What is involved in having the test
  • When you may be more prone to having GBS sepsis



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