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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

1 in 5 pregnancies will end in a miscarriage but even as common as this is, it's not an easy topic to talk about it. This episode may be hard for some (or all) to hear. Please make sure you have your supports in place if you choose to listen. And we hope everyone listens.

In this episode we have a poignant story from one of listeners, Mai, talking about her miscarriage, the process and the pain and the joy of becoming pregnant again. 

We cover:

  • The types of miscarriage
  • How miscarriages are diagnosed
  • Ways we can support someone who has had a miscarriage
  • Treatment of miscarriage
  • When to start trying again

Plus MORE 

We talk about , and

Why did we start this podcast? Well we think there is a barrier for women to get EXPERT pregnancy info that is practical, relatable and easy to understand.

Dr Pat has helped 1000s of women have their babies and through this we know that this kind of information given to a woman at the right time can totally change her experience of pregnancy and birth.

We invite you to be our part of our family over on Instagram @grow_my_baby or do our free pregnancy quiz at