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The Kick Pregnancy Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

If there was a gold standard for being a Dad, it’s sure to look like Mitch Papas, who joins us today to talk about how to be a supportive partner during pregnancy and beyond.

In this episode, Mitch shares the journey he and his wife, Georgia, went on as they planned to conceive and the importance of being curious, doing research and supporting your partner as much as you can. 

We talk about tracking cycles, learning about your partner’s medical history, and thinking ahead so you can speak to your employer about taking time off work. Mitch shares his practical advice for how Dads can be the best possible support to their partners and we also talk about the importance of celebrating men who are doing so.

We’ll be releasing Part 2 to this episode on how to be a great partner in childbirth, which will be exclusively available only for members in the Grow My Baby program. Join up to check it out.



Mitch’s Instagram: @mitchcpapas